Monday, February 13, 2017

Progress on Hexagonal Tapestry Crochet

I love tapestry crochet and its infinite possibilities to create motif. I saw this beautiful hexagon motif on Molla Mills Instagram account and I really want to have one like that for me. It is actually one of the pattern in her book, that took forever to be translated to English (originally published in Finnish). I can't stand seeing the beauty of that hexagon motif bag so I decide to make one for me. 

I made several tapestry crochet bags and pouches before, but all were made using single crochet stitches, a common way to make tapestry crochet. This hexagon motif, as can be seen in her post, was made using double crochet stitches. This is my first time of making tapestry crochet with double crochet.

One of the difficulties in using double crochet to make tapestry crochet is the nature of the stitch which is "more loose" than single crochet stitch. It is easier to have holes since it is not as tight as single crochet. The possibility of having unused yarn unproperly hidden is greater, so the unused color can be seen from front side of the work.

Another difficulties is to maintain tension. To make it neater and have less holes, the tension needs to be tight. While in the other hand, I am a kind of crocheter who tend to crochet in loose tension. I don't really like muscle work :D If you see it carefully, you'll notice that the bottom of the bag is wider than the upside because I crochet "more loose" in the bottom before realized the holes was everywhere and my unused color was seen here and there :D.

This bag took lots of stitches and time (since I am a very slow crocheter), because it is big in size. I love big size bag, that's why I make this one :D I think of doing a crochet strap rather than using double leather handles like Molla Mills did. It's gonna be a cute hobo bag. Well, I have decided it. I'm gonna make a hobo bag. 

This post was made as part of #yarnlovechallenge day 12: Progress