Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Project in Sewing

Last week I made this mini dress. It's not usual mini dress, I mean usual 'mini' that describe a very short dress. It's really 'mini', made for the size of doll. :) I made this as miniature for my next dress project. I started to learn sew again last couple of days, after finding a very inspiring site about sewing and crafting : http://verypurpleperson.com. I like her site a lot, she is so talented and everything she made is so cute and precious. She sewn her wardrobe : dresses, bags, shoes, wallets, and much more cute stuff. She even made some sewing tutorials.

I've ever learned about sewing, some years ago, but still at beginner level. My aunt took short sewing course class and often brought her homework to our home. Usually I accompany her finishing it. We made blouse and skirt with the classic sewing machine (the black one, not yet arm-free). We even made kebaya (javanese traditional cloth) and bedcover. Not very neat, with many mistakes here and there, but I'm so proud. After I married and followed my husband here, I never sew anymore, first because my real life is busy enough and second because I don't have any sewing machine here.

But this talented verypurpleperson is so inspiring, she woke my desire up to start sewing again. Her sewing is so cute so I can't stand to try making it by myself, more simpler pattern then her of course. (Hey, I'm still a beginner! ^_^).

I try to implement her tutorial at making gold dot dress, it seems easy. I made the miniature dress first, so I can expect the problems I will face when I make the real-size dress, and finding solutions to solve it. It's better to have mistake in this trial and error mini project than to have it on the real-size project. Here is the result! Not so bad I hope. At least it shaped a dress. ^_^


Since my pattern worked for the mini dress, I'm going to make it in real-size dress. But it will take a long time to finish it, I'm still doing it with hands. Yes, full hand stitch. -_-" I don't have sewing machine, and before pursuing my husband to buy it for me, I should prove him that I really-really can make something from it. And hopefully this dress will show him.

Ok, enough with talking. Time to act. Wish it won't take too long until I post the new dress (I doubt it, I'm a kind of lazy person *sigh). But still, I'm so enthusiastic, go go girl, you can do that!