Friday, September 26, 2014


It's been a trending topic in internet lately, so here are #20factsaboutme :

1. Thirty something, dark skinned, wife, mom, 8 to 4 mon to fri office worker.
2. I am a family woman. My true love is our little family.
3. I love handmade things especially yarn-kind-crafty thing. I sew (a little), crochet (a little bit more) and want to learn knitting.
4. I love reading, I am a fiction book reader having speciality in romance/family genre. 
5. I almost always prefer chocolate and tea rather than coffee, but in a very boring meeting, I'll blend 1/4 coffee with 3/4 milk to keep my eyes opened.
6. Oh, and I looove cookies and cream ice blended (with some bubble pearls!). Well, who doesn't?
7. I like watching romance comedy movie/drama with a happy ending.
8. I prefer skirts over trousers.
9. I wanna wear glasses since I think it makes people look smarter, but somehow I never find one that matches me.
10. I can't go out without deodorant and some cologne spray.
11. I do things when I like to do it, sometimes I'm making handmade things, but tomorrow I might abandon that crafty-unfinished-things and turn my hobby into books and cooking.
12. I don't like shoes and bags so much, I only have few of it, the main one I used the most and another 1 or 2 I keep as an alternative.
13. I tend to buy things in "safe" color like brown or black.
14. I wanna be writer, but somehow I never finish any stories I wrote. Haha, luckily it's not my job or they will kick me out from the office. :D

15. I call my mom (who live hundred miles from me) twice a day (sometimes more).
16. My friends often say that I'm tall, but I never felt that way.
17. My most favorite city is Jogja.
18. I always read the last page before I finish reading a book, just because I can't stand to know what will happen at the end.

19. Johny Depp is my favorite actor, especially when he played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean.
20. I hate overtime works!!! (Who doesn't??!)

That's it! Yeay! :)