Monday, September 1, 2014

After a hectic week: Congratulations, Dear!

This is a scheduled post. I write this down while sitting at one of our favorite restaurant, last Friday night, after a rough and hectic day, well, might be week. Mr. Coffeeholic has taken advance level short course while I had some meetings and we both are overwhelmed and feel extremely tired, moreover with all that traffic jam. An extreme tiredness tend to bring you being more emotional and easily get angry, I thought everyone does. It makes the whole week become harder.
But now, after we passed it, here we are, sitting at our favorite place with delicious food and decent coffee, and gladfully checking email of Mr. Coffeeholic exam result (passed with a very good score, great job Dear :*), everything finally seems to make sense.
Sometimes we face difficulties no matter how we try to avoid it. Sometimes there is no advice needed. You just have to go through it because there is no other way. Sometimes you have to feel that rough, hectic and all-that-entiring-things to just go over it. And once it's over, it's over. The feeling of, "Aahh... It's done." might be unable to replace all of that disheartening feeling, but you finally relief.
When you passed it all, treat yourself some fun, you deserve it well. Something nice, something you might love, like us now in our favorite restaurant.
Well, Mr. Coffeeholic, congratulations (once again) for being a Certified Ethical Hacker! :)