Friday, August 29, 2014

What's Your Output Today?

That's a common joke said by my friends at the office, after a slower and more relax day, especially when our deadline still seemed far enough from coming (it is just seemed far, he gets closer very immediately before you know it!). At that kind of day we have plenty of time to browse the internet and do unimportant chit chat, very much unlike the hell-day when deadline are waiting in front of your door.

My friends usually say it to tease us, after a slooow motion day, what we have produced for our work. That question is following by many kind of answers, most also said as jokes, of course. But I sometimes think it further, in our way home, what I will say to answer the question.

One of things we can't get back is - time. Once it's gone, there's no turning back. So the question become a matter, for something we can't renew, what we have spent to go through it?

Picture taken from here.

It doesn't have to be something related with working. It just needs to be something advantageous, matter and worth to be exchanged with the importance of time. At least one a day, then your day will be worth. It could be something you did at work, it could be a new tasty recipe you've tried, it could be a class you've taken, it could be a little help to others, or even a full day rest after some hectic days without proper sleeping. Everyone has their own reason and needs. Questioning ourselves of it for every single day will help us see whether we spent our time wisely or not, and what we will plan for tomorrow.

So what's my output today? Some easy peasy things at work, some fun with my crochet needle, some short quality time with my family, and a blog post :D. Is it worth it? Not in perfect scale, but at least I did few things that matter. :D We want to have some nice time for the upcoming weekend, and that question help me dreamed of more proper ways to spend on our weekend.

I hope you'll have a nice weekend too. Happy weekend!