Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gott Nytt År!

is the way Swedish say, "Happy New Year!"

It's been quite a year, and so much things happen. And the new year is coming, bringing more things into life. As I didn't spend specific attention to set last year resolution, so I can't review it when 2013 ended yesterday. Learn from that, I think it's good to set my resolution in the beginning of the year, so I can see how far I can go when the year ends. Besides, it's easy to forget what I plan at first, and writing it down may keep me stay on the right track.

Here are my resolutions for 2014 ( well, fingers crossed :p ) :

1. Be a better wife for Mr. Coffeeholic, and a better mom for my little girl. It means being more patient, spending more quality time, and enjoy more moments with my two precious. It might include cooking for Mr. Coffeeholic or taking my little girl on a vacation, in weekend.

2. Be more green. Related to that "green things" I think it's time to make my meal habits a little bit greener. Don't count my little girl in this case, she has ideal portion and varian of homemade menus. We are talking about me, this lazy and lack of nutrition mommy -___- who lay her daily veggies intake on a capsule of herbal supplement.  Being greener in menu for me is trying to put at least one portion of real vegetable or fruit in my meals in a day. Let's start with making fruit juice as a habit, because it's the easiest way for me to swallow that kind of healthy food, based on my experience.

3. Read more books. I love reading, really. This is my hobby since I was an elementary school student. But when you have your own family to take care and your office related work to manage, it looks like you're getting lack of time to read. Or even if you have time, you choose to do something else which you think more important. My reading speed has decreased because I am rarely have a book in my hand to read. This year I'll try to read more books, I already bought some and they're now silently and patiently queueing to be read.

4. Write more things, story, article, blog post. On 2013 I joined a very supportive mom bloggers group, Kumpulan Emak Blogger (KEB). It's a great group consists of smart and active Indonesian women. They are inspiring and adorable, and they're blogging because it's their passion. Joined them is right choice since they are encouraging me to write more blog post. I even joined their competition, 30daysblogchallenge, where I must make 4 week-posting related to each week theme. I didn't win it, of course ;p, but it's really a challenging experience and I really enjoyed it. The competition is over now, but I sometimes miss the feeling, both exciting and thrilling, especially when it came to deadline.

Last year I alse sent two articles to Mommies Daily and they published it.

1st article published on Mommies Daily

2nd article published on Mommies Daily

In 2014 I hope I'll be able to do more updates on my blog, write more articles, and maybe I could extend the length of my fiction story (this is multi years project since I'm never be able to finish it. ;p)

5. Doing more craft. I've been a little bit more crafty lately. I do crochet and cross stitch. I do knit when I was college student. And now, my new sewing machine is calling me to do more things with fabric. I'm still a very beginner in sewing, but really enjoying it. I've made some simple project : box bag for Mr. Coffeeholic and express hat for my little girl.

This is my new crafty friend, Singer Simple Series.

White box bag, I follow the tutorial by Truly Myrtle. She wrote such an amazing tutorial, thank you!

Second attempt using green flowery fabric, much neater. I use it to keep my cable plug.

This is the express hat, my little girl asked me to make it.

She loves it, doesn't she?

Sewing is immensely enjoyable. I plan to do more sewing this year. I want to make more box bag because Mr. Coffeeholic want it too, he even choose his own fabric. I also want to make my little girl a peasant dress, Jamie wrote a tutorial of it in her site Scattered Thought of a Crafty Mom.  And for me myself, I want to sew something too! I fall in love for this Mathilde blouse and the blog and the owner (Tilly), she's so talented girl.

It seems so cute, doesn't it?

Well, with so much plan and exciting things waiting this year, I wish everybody a very Happy New Year and a great time ahead! Gott Nytt År!